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Many expert fashionistas and fashion designers in Dubai will tell you that not all trends should be followed. Each person has a unique sense of style, character, and preferences, and not all designer clothes can best bring about that individuality. Don’t just jump into the bandwagon of changing trends – find your own brand of style statement and own it!


Stella is a renowned personal stylist and fashion designer in Dubai who focuses on bringing about the unique traits that make a person stand out among the crowd.

She gives expert fashion advice on which designer clothes and accessories can perfectly complement a person’s personality, be it quirky, vibrant, a quiet sophistication, or an understated beauty.

Stella is the style guru that can help you find the style and statement that will best reflect your character and outlook in life.


Fashion stylists like Stella can guide you into creating a look that you want to be known for.

She is the type of fashion designer in Dubai who will help you define your style with a Personal Style Consultation. Based on your personality, lifestyle, and goals, our Image Consultants help you determine what works best for you.

Taking your individual choices into consideration, Stella and the team will teach you how to make a fashion-savvy analysis and know the proper fit, fabrics, and colours that work best on you.

With Stella’s Personal Style Evaluation, you’ll learn:

  1. Which silhouettes, shapes, and fabrics work best for your body type
  2. How to flatter your proportions and accentuate your features
  3. Who designs best for you and where to look
  4. Quick shopping tips, sure bets, and red flags
  5. Best colours to complement your hair and skin tone
  6. How to keep your style fresh and confident

You can definitely rely on their expertise and fashion know-how to help you optimise and customise your wardrobe. They will even conceptualise a personalised Wardrobe Book that includes ideas and expressions that will suit you best. Avoid making any fashion mistakes by placing your trust – and style – in the hands of fashion stylists like Stella.

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For more information on how Stella can help you revamp your wardrobe and personal appearance, get in touch with one of our expert designers. You may also browse through our website to know more about personal styling and shopping services.