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Stella and Style / Satin shorts, clean, effeminate design, side pockets, zip, button

Satin shorts, clean, effeminate design, side pockets, zip, button

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Satin shorts with side pockets.


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Product Description

Satin shorts, clean, effeminate design, side pockets, zip, button

Satin shorts, clean, effeminate design, side pockets, zip, button.Very clean, effeminate and comfortable design. Hence you can combine with many different tops and colors.  Consequently with shirt, bustier, vest, etc… Therefore you can use for many occasion.

The shorts are made from luxury satin. Consist 95% polyester and 5% elastane. Extremely effective and also very comfortable to wear. Therefore, this gives the garment shine from outside and in addition mat from inside for more softness. This fabric is caressing of the body and soft in touch. Hence, the fabric plays major part for the style of each garment.

Especially relevant, is that the satin shorts are very effeminate and comfortable for so many occasion. Depend on the top you choose. It is nice in both colors blue and white, depend on your preference.

Most of all, the garment falling very freely on the body and makes it very elegant and stylish, as well very girlish.

Stylist typs:

The clean design of the satin shorts, allows you to wear it for many different occasions. Also depend on the occasion you can choose what type of shoes goes with. If you are going more casual, or party you can wear it with sandals, or more elegant platform shoes. If you are going for more formal occasion, you can wear it close high hills: round toe pumps, slingback stilettos, d’Orsay, spoonbills. Hence, this will make the shorts look more elegant and sophisticated. Also depend on other items and most of all is the combination with the tops, shirt, blouse. Most noteworthy is that, goes with most of all from our Printed rose collection.

In conclusion the shorts will look the way you like, depend on the shoes, tops, and the bag or clutch you choose.

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Dimensions 20 x 20 x 10 cm

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