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Evening look for a lady it is worn from long dress to dressy separates to a formal cocktail dress.

evening formal look

evening formal look

The Street Style becomes the ultimate fashion trend and now it is high fashion’s greatest source of inspiration.

street style look

street style look

The Louis Vuitton label was founded by Vuitton in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. Louis Vuitton had observed that the HJ Cave Osilite trunk could be easily stacked and in 1858, Vuitton introduced his flat-bottom trunks with trianon canvas, making them lightweight and airtight.


Founded in 1837, the French luxury house Hermes began as a bridle and harness company for horses before branching out into luxury handbags and other accessories. Today, Hermes is one of the oldest and most valuable luxury companies in the world, known for its ultra-aspirational designer bags (Birkin bags, Kelly bags) and, of course, the legendary Hermes scarves.


My tips how to that compliments you and show more of your self and personality:

You need to find style and color that suit your body shape and type and your skin color.If you are tall wear something that has a bit of drop waist or horizontal prints so it compliments your high:find Your perfect styleIf you are short petite, go for high waisted trouser or skirt, short style or vertical prints. Also ties on the high part of your waist, or under your bust. This definitely will showcase your legs and make you taller:find Your perfect style

How to pack your holiday suitcase:

Dubai Fashion TV filming day


Atelier boutique Sofia, Vienna and Dubai

Atelier boutique Sofia Vienna DubaiAtelier boutique Sofia Vienna Dubai 

European Union – Certificate Of Registration – “Stella Styling – Stella & T Collection”            Dubai Trade License – “Stella Styling”FZE

EU Trade mark 

Fashion Philosophy Show: Rose Collection

Stella & T Collection presenting: Printed Golden Leaves Collection 2016-2017



You can also see our e-catalog: 




Stella & T Collection presenting: Printed Rose Collection 2016-2017


Delivery period: maximum 16 days

Briefly about the Couture Printed Rose Collection:

Stella & Style – Stella & T Collection, Stiliana Pernicheva and her partner Fashion Designer Tania Popova, features an exquisite collection dedicated to the love for the Bulgarian Rose.

The collection showcases both formal and casual garments, plain and elegant, accentuated only by the exceptional quality of the materials and the pattern of a Damask rose, which is replicated in all creations. This simplicity exudes extreme sophistication, where color, texture and proportions work harmoniously to create a classy ensemble.

Femininity, energy and emotions are sensed not just in the dresses. The collection’s trousers and jumpsuits are designed to flow freely, evoking a sensual and relaxed look. The rose, the symbol and inspiration for this collection, represents both the eternal elegance and the incredible work it takes to achieve that elegance.

About our work with clients for our couture collections:

If you are interested to work with us ( if you are a shop, distributor or etc…), and you would like to place an order, we can discuss the terms and condition, which are suitable for both sides.

You can check the LookBook: http://online.flipbuilder.com/hoqd/sjlb/ and as well the website: https://stellaandstyle.com/portfolio/ for the collection. We can prepare for you models you mostly like and with requested from you sizes. For this collection we tailor models mostly in White and dark Blue with Printed Roses. We can do also custom made – Couture, so we can always vary in the color and size, different then the one we present on the website as your preferences.

For individual order you can go to our E-commerce page. You can choose your color and size and you will get your order in 16 days maximum.

logo-2INVITATION FOR OUR PARTICIPATION : http://fashionphilosophy.ro/stella-style